8 Reasons Why Buy A Car Seat Heater

A comfy ride is something that every driver in the world thrives for. Having a great car accompanied by a great car seat is not always enough for comfortable ride. Sometimes it needs that little touch to make the ride perfect. One way to turn hours of driving in a pleasant experience is by using a car seat heater. While in the past they were mainly used by long commuters and professional drivers in the recent years they have become popular with other people as well. Even so there are plenty of reasons for their popularity here is the ones that are considered as the most important ones.

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1.      Car seat heaters offer great value

Their price range is from $13 to $60 and depends on the features that the unit has. Some may come with countering, some with massage features, while others without any of them and only provide heat. But, even the cheapest ones with no additional feature provide pretty good back support and can keep you warm during the entire ride.

2.      Most of the car seat heaters are universal

That means that they can be fitted in any type of seat, regardless of the model and the size of the vehicle.
Portable Car Heater3.      They are highly durable

From what is known most of the car seat heaters are pretty reliable and can last for years without malfunctioning.Car Heater One of the main reasons for that is because they are made of just few parts, meaning fewer chances something to go wrong. Plus, they come with at least one year warranty.

4.      It’s possible to use two or three car seat heaters simultaneously

That can be achieved with the help of a 3-way cigarette lighter adapter, meaning the driver’s plus two more seats can be heated. Some of the best adapters feature battery level indicator that indicates how the car’s battery is doing with the surplus electricity drain.

5.      They can work well with portable car heaters

In a situation when the vehicle’s core heater is not working a combination of portable and a car seat heater can replace its function perfectly. According to many drivers they can provide even better heating than the car’s one heating system.

They are plug & play

There is no wiring, no installation and no need for asking someone to help out with it. All is needed is to unwrap it and plug it.

7.      They eliminate or significantly reduce back stiffness

Spending hours driving usually means one thing, stiff back. However, the car seat heaters not only that will keep your back warm, but they provide massage to the back. Nowadays, most of the professional truck drivers don’t even start their vehicles without their car seat heater in place.

8.      They come in different colors, materials, features.

Not only they come with different colors, materials and features, but they can be also customized. Nowadays, there are companies that make them and who are prepare to make them according to anyone’s specific request.

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