Everything That You Wanted To Know About Electric Car Motor

For those that live in the northern part of the country having an electric car heater is evenly important as having a spare tire. That’s how much those people appreciate them. However, there are plenty of electric car heaters out there and it requires some consideration before choosing a suitable one. Because of that here are a handful of questions that everyone interested in purchasing one should ask himself. Their goal is to help you decide which electric car heater to select.

How will it be used?
This is the first thing that one should ask himself before purchasing a Electric Car Heater and it is what determines its type as well as its size. Even so that their primary role is to provide heat to the people in the vehicle they are used for other purposes as well. For an example they are used for defrosting the windshield or any other car window. Also, when needed they are used for thawing out frozen locks.

Do you have any fire hazards in the car?
Safety is always an issue when dealing with things that generate heat as they can be the cause for fire. Things such as upholstery, loose paper and any other combustible material can present a fire hazard and need to be kept away from the 120v electric car heater.
If there is combustion hazards inside the vehicle most experts recommend using an oil-filled heater. These heaters can’t create the same combustion hazards as other heaters can. On the other hand when it comes to warming up they take their time.

Convective versus Radiative heaters
There are two main types of electric car heaters, radiative and convective heaters. Both types have their own drawbacks and strengths. The oil-filled heaters are in the convective category.

The convective Space Heater such as the oil filled heaters circulate the surrounding air. That way the hot air rises and fills the voids while the cold air is pushed downwards. Because of that the cycle is known as convection. Since the convection cycle depends on a closed quantity of air, this type of heaters work the best in cars that are well sealed. Even though that these heaters are considered pretty safe there are some that use heating elements that can poses a combustion risk.

The radiative heaters use heating elements as well, but with one difference, they don’t heat up the surrounding air. Instead, they emit infrared radiation that causes objects to warm up which is quite convenient for objects with poor insulations. Most vehicles fall into that category. Due to the fact that they often are confined into tight spaces they present a much greater combustion risk than the convection heaters.

In addition to all that here are few more things to take in consideration before purchasing an electric car heater:If the heater comes with a cord it needs to be marked with No.14 or No. 12 AWG.The heater should be tested by an independent testing company.
The heater should come with an automatic shutoff switch that will react if unit is rolled on it back.The heater should come with at least one year warranty.

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